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SUPER FORMULA Gasoline 5W-40 is a 100% synthetic premium quality engine oil for use in modern four cycle gasoline engines.

SUPER FORMULA Gasoline 5W-40 possesses excellent lubricity and high shear stability characteristics. It maintains stay-in viscosity grade throughout operation for optimum engine performance at all driving conditions.

Grand Touring 5W-40 is a 100% synthetic engine oil for use in modern low emission four cycle diesel and gasoline engines, which require application of “Low SAPS” oils with limited levels of sulfur, phosphorus and ash. The product is manufactured using the unique antifriction technology ZFM ™ from synthetic base stocks (including PAO), with excellent stability and a high viscosity index. The product possesses outstanding protective characteristics, reduces wear of engine parts in highly loaded operating conditions. Grand Touring 5W-40 maintains optimal engine cleanliness, effectively prevents formation of varnish, burnout and low-temperature deposits. The product is fully compatible with three way catalytic converters (TWCs).